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If you're interested in the Town of Aylmer By-Laws we have them all available electronically dating back to 1964! Of course, all our current By-Laws are posted as son as they have been passed through Town of Aylmer Council.

You can find all of the Town of Aylmer By-Laws from 1964 to the present by clicking the link below. They are organized with an online electronic filing system (Civic Web) and categorized by year.

  • For example, if the By-Law you are looking for is 08-99, the last two digits represents the year. You would then look in the folder 1999, and you will find the appropriate By-Law under the "08" (the number ahead of the year).
  • By-laws 1964 to presentTown of Aylmer By-laws

Frequently Requested By-Laws

The Town of Aylmer has complied as list of frequently requested by-laws to make your search a little easier.



Community Improvement Plan and CIP Designated Areas



Are you wanting to put up a fence? Specifications are dependent on a number of things such as:

  • is it a corner lot?
  • is it to secure a pool?
  • is it in a residential zone? or other zone?

Aside from these very important questions the zoning limits a privacy fence in a residential zone to 1.5 meters in height, it must not project beyond the limits of the property, its placement shall not cause a visual obstruction from a driveway or the street.

Fencing around a Pool
By-Law 15-78

If you want to put a fence around a pool, our pool fencing by-law sets out a number of dimensional requirements as well. Please click here to view the Pool Fencing By-Law.




Official Plan By-Law

  • The Town of Aylmer has provided a copy of its Official Plan on this web site. Please contact the Director of Planning and Municipal Services to ensure the accuracy of the content prior to using the document attached.

Planning - Applications for Minor Variance, Zoning Amendment and/or Official Plan Amendment

Planting/Removal of Trees

Property Standards

  • The Town of Aylmer has a Property Standards By-law (By-law #55-97), which establishes minimum standards to which all properties in the Town of Aylmer must be maintained. It is the responsibility of all property owners to know the requirements of this local by-law. All inquires may be directed to the By-law Enforcement/Property Standards Office in the Planning and Municipal Services Department.

Purchasing - Procurement

Rental Rates - Municipal Facilities, Sports fields, Parks & Pavilions

Rollerblading, rollerskating, etc


Solid Waste


Traffic and Parking

User Fees/Rates (Rates & Charges By-law)


Water and Wastewater

Zoning By-law

Zoning By-Law Separate Sections:


Sidewalk Policy

Tree Management Policy

ByLaws ClerksOffice

Internet Advisor

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