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GCurrie button Welcome from Mayor Currie - Inaugural Council Meeting - December 1, 2014

Good evening, Members of the Aylmer Town Council, ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed an honour and a privilege to welcome you here to the first meeting of the new Council of the Town of Aylmer, 2014 to 2018. I extend a special welcome to the families and friends of the newly elected councillors who have come to support us as we declare our commitment to the Town of Aylmer and its citizens.
Welcome also to our special guest, Reverend Michael Wellwood, who will do a devotional address, and members of the former town council.

It is with much respect and appreciation that I acknowledge Chief Administrative Officer, Jennifer Reynaert, and Nancie Irving, the Town Clerk, who will preside over this solemn ceremony of appointments and presentations. Finally, I welcome all the residents of Aylmer who are here this evening as participants in shaping Aylmer's future. You have provided us with a mandate for governance and a strong voice of direction for change. As a well practiced Cub, Scout, and Venture, I am prepared to do my best for my God, my Country and this community and to do a good turn every day. Thank you all for joining us this evening.

Remarks from Mayor Currie - Inaugural Council Meeting - December 1, 2014
Honourable Guests; Jennifer Reynaert, Chief Administrative Officer; fellow Councillors, residents of Aylmer; and friends: As the new Mayor of Aylmer, I am proud and honoured to address you this evening. First, I would like to formally congratulate each member of this council for their success in being elected and sworn into office. It is with great humility that I realize the awesome privilege the voters of Aylmer have given this new council to lead with a solid mandate for change. With much respect I also acknowledge the unique contributions of the previous council to this community.

I based my campaign on a vision I hold for our town, one that sees Aylmer as a vibrant, growing, and stable community. I declared a mission: To make Aylmer the town of choice for both business and residents. This, I believe, will require a focussed commitment on the part of this council and the Town of Aylmer to pay attention to our fiscal responsibilities as we offer services that are necessary, complete, and affordable to Aylmer's citizens.

My campaign was also based on four core values - honesty, integrity, respect and trust - which, today, I reaffirm as an integral part of my leadership in the office of Mayor. I will be honest, communicate and provide transparency about the work of the council. The secret to our success, I believe, is that there are no secrets. I will operate with integrity. If I am wrong about an issue or decision, I will be wrong with integrity and own up to any misunderstandings or errors. Being the Mayor of Aylmer is but one position of Council. I am indebted to my colleagues here today - Deputy Mayor French, and Councillors Laur, Andrews, Barbour, McDonald and Oslach - for sharing in our responsibility in the decision-making process that we will undertake for the next four years. I respect the knowledge, wisdom, experience and passion that each of you brings to this municipal government. Together we make a team, representing a diversity of perspectives and opinions. We may not always agree with each other, but respecting our differences and endeavouring always to look at things another way may indeed be our source of strength and innovation as a council.

I also believe in respecting this community for its ethnic, religious, and other forms of diversity. The various backgrounds that give Aylmer its cultural flavour are the backbone of our community, its economy and vibrant future. The interests of and contributions made by each of our citizens, by way of business, services and volunteerism, must be recognized and valued as significant on our pathway moving forward.

As the newly elected Mayor, I am well aware that the citizens of this beautiful town have placed their trust in me to lead this Council for the next four years. I want to be trusted and will continually work to earn the trust of not only the members of this council and the operational staff of the town, but also the trust of our citizens. I will remain accountable for my actions and those of the council, be they decisions that guide the daily tasks of those who work for the Town or decisions related to strategic planning and partnerships. We will be addressing issues such as what should be done about the Community Complex, about the Town Library and the Museum. These issues, as mentioned during my campaign, have been long standing. We are accountable to the citizens to resolve these in a timely and fiscally responsible fashion. However, to accomplish all these things, as a council, we will not be able to do this alone. Therefore, I will continually encourage the residents of Aylmer to get involved in their local government. The municipal level is one closest to the issues that concern this community. I hope more people will take part in the consultation process and Council meetings. As residents of Aylmer, each one of us has the right to be consulted and listened to so that the voice of the people is inherently included in the decision-making process of the council.

Having now met each new councillor, I know that we are all excited about our new venture, the task of realizing the vision of a vibrant, growing, and stable community in actions and with observable outcomes. We look forward to serving our community. Thank you.

Mayor Greg Currie

Notice to public: The Mayor is not in the office at Town Hall on a full-time basis. If you wish to make an appointment with him, you are asked to contact him directly for such scheduling.
Mayor Currie may be contacted:
Home phone 519-765-2207
Town Hall office phone 519-773-3164 (and you will be transferred to his phone line) OR 519-773-4903 (direct line and leave a message if he is not available to take your call)

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